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A mission that needs no special skill make a huge difference with the LOVE of God


Next to the campers themselves, our counselors are the most important part of the Camp BASIC experience. Their job is to lead campers to a deeper understanding of what Christ has done for them through their actions, smiles and expressions of love for one another. Counselors truly become part of the camper's life for a week, listening, sharing, caring and spreading Jesus' love. The reward is not financial, but the experience of serving the Savior and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is priceless.

No special skills are needed to be a counselor, though a happy and energetic disposition certainly helps. Each counselor is assigned one or two campers for the week whom they help get ready in the morning, sit with at meals, encourage to participate in activities and assist at bedtime. Evenings as a counselor are spent preparing for the next day at camp and enjoying free time with fellow counselors.

Though we provide free food and lodging, Camp BASIC does not pay our staff, counselors or helpers. We do, however, offer a limited mileage reimbursement, which can be applied for at camp.

You can be a helper if you are:

  • Younger than 15 and are willing to help a counselor and be a friend to a camper
  • An adult and want to help in the kitchen
  • A registered or licensed nurse (you may either volunteer or receive a stipend for your service)

You can be a counselor if you are:

  • Older than 15
  • A confirmed member of a WELS or ELS church
  • Willing to teach your camper Bible stories
  • Willing to be a friend to your camper to help with daily activities
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Director - Week 1

Aaron Punke
p: 414-305-5026
e: pepper3038@msn.com

Director - Week 2

Andrea Schlei
p: 507-587-8368
e: amschlei@hotmail.com
Camp BASIC dates

Week 1

June 10 - 15, 2024

Week 2

June 16 - 21, 2024